Synthax Appoints GerrAudio as New Exclusive Canadian Distributor for RME

Synthax, RME’s master distributor for the Americas, has announced the appointment of GerrAudio Distribution as the exclusive distributor for RME in Canada. GerrAudio will provide a dedicated market focus in RME’s product categories and increase RME’s brand presence, application support, and profile across the country.

GerrAudio Distribution has serviced the Canadian professional audio market for over 40 years. The company represents audio and communications equipment manufacturers based out of the U.K., Europe, and the U.S.A., and provides sales support and after-sales service to its customer base across Canada. GerrAudio’s customers include, but are not limited to, national broadcasters, education and government institutions, performing arts centres, houses of worship, corporate, industrial and research organizations, musicians, and live production and equipment rental shops. The company and its staff take a personalized approach to every situation, and collaborates with technical end-users, consultants, integrators, and artists in order to create a design that meets the technical and artistic goals of the entire production team.

Founded in 1996, RME provides a complete range of audio interfaces, converters, microphone preamps, and network audio solutions, which are at the centre of applications ranging from home studios, high-end recording, live performance, scientific research, and critical infrastructure projects.

“Our business has gone from being razor-focused on home recording and MI – where RME is very well known for high quality, high-end recording solutions – to major install, live sound, immersive audio, and test and measurement markets,” says Derek Badala, director of sales for Synthax. “That’s one reason we’re attracted to GerrAudio. With the brands GerrAudio represent and their overall approach, we can further broaden the success of RME in Canada, along with our other brands, Ferrofish, Appsys, and myMix.”

“What GerrAudio already does with their brands completely aligns with what we want to do. And there’s good chemistry, too, and that’s always important,” Badala adds. “Beyond their shared preoccupation with offering the highest-level technology to their customers, both RME and GerrAudio are dedicated to providing unparalleled support, service, and educational resources to customers and users alike.”

“We’ve been huge fans of RME’s technology for a long time, and often find ourselves suggesting their products to customers as a means to complete a design involving one of our other brands,” says Geoff Maurice, GerrAudio VP and director of sales. “RME’s reputation and product range compliments our current lineup beautifully, and gives us the ability to more closely integrate RME solutions into our ‘whole system’ approach,” Maurice adds. “Much like with our other brands, the team at RME are true technology pioneers. Their products offer the lowest latency and highest reliability in this market category - RME does jobs that others do as well, but at a whole other level of flexibility and performance – we are very excited about this partnership.”

“In recent years we’ve really focused more on education and a personalized approach to help people do their job better, faster, and smarter,” Badala says. “And GerrAudio operates under the same mantra, so there’s a really good synergy in this partnership.” Both Badala and Maurice see this new partnership as a natural extension of what their respective companies do. As Maurice explains, “I see them as being very similar to us – as a company and as individuals; a very technical company with a deep knowledge base. I think that’s the reason we have that chemistry.”

For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999,,

Peter Snelgrove (left) and Geoff Maurice (right) standing in front of GerrAudio's newly-stocked shelves of RME, Ferrofish, Appsys, and MyMix products.

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