Roland & FATAR Strike V-Accordion Outsourcing Agreement

[![Weird Al Yankovic playing a Roland FR-7x V-Accordian.](/content/images/2014/09/AL-V-222x300.jpg)](/content/images/2014/09/AL-V.jpg)Weird Al Yankovic playing a Roland FR-7x V-Accordian.
Roland Corporation has finalized a new production and outsourcing agreement with FATAR Srl and manufacturing for the V-Accordion line will resume in Italy.

Notable musicians who have used Roland V-Accordions on stage and in the studio include Sergio Scappini, Ludovic Beier, Weird Al” Yankovic, and Nora Kirkpatrick from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, among many others.

Since the V-Accordion debuted in 2004, Roland has released several new accordions, including these current models: FR-1x BK, FR-1x RD, FR-1xb BK, FR-1xb RD, FR-3x BK, FR-3x WH, FR-3xb BK, FR-3xb WH, FR-8x BK, FR-8x RD, FR-8xb BK, and FR-8xb RD.

For more information, contact Roland Canada: 604-270-6626, FAX 604-270-6652,

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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