Ovation Custom Shop Opens

Ovation Guitars has announced the opening of its new Ovation Custom Shop. The shop is located in New Hartford, CT and features a small team of dedicated luthiers and technicians who have a specialized focus on custom-made, U.S.-built Ovation guitars. According to the company, the craftsmen have over 100 years of combined Ovation-specific expertise.

"The luthiers in New Harford represent the ‘best-of-the best.’” says Ovation GM Rick Hall. “They not only hand-craft these premium instruments but also help in the design process to bring custom guitars to reality. This simply could not be accomplished without their years of highly specialized experience."

The first products to come out of the Ovation Custom Shop are a very limited run of the Adamas 1687GTs and Adamas 2087GTs. The Custom shop that plans to create an ongoing assortment of limited run, U.S.-built Ovation instruments. In the near future, the Ovation Custom Shop will have the ability to fulfill orders on variety of custom built guitars for Ovation connoisseurs, according to the company.

Also located in this New Hartford shop is the new Ovation Workbench. Customers with Ovation and Adamas guitars that need repairs, set-ups, or updating can get fully authorized repair work. This can include simple set-ups to complex repairs. Instruments can be shipped to/from the Ovation Workbench and all associated costs can be discussed before any work takes place. Details are on the Ovation Workbench section of the website.

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