CMT Social Media Survey Results

**Canadian Music Trade surveyed MI store owners, managers, and staff to find out if and how they are using social media in their businesses. Here are the results…

**When did your company begin using social media for promotion, customer engagement, etc.? **

Within the last year     4%

1-2 years ago               26%

3-4 years ago               30%

5-6 years ago               4%

7-9 years ago               17%

10+ years ago              13%

We don’t use social media 4%

Which social media platform(s) does your company use (select all that apply)?

YouTube         57%

Facebook         91%

Twitter             57%

Instagram        30%

Google+          17%

Snapchat         4%

LinkedIn         22%

Pinterest          9%

Others             4%

None               4%

**Is there someone on your company’s staff whose job description includes managing social media? **

Yes      39%

It is handled by multiple people         35%

No, but there will be               9%

No, and don’t plan on it         17%

Which social media platform requires the most of your time and attention?

YouTube         17%

Facebook         57%

Twitter             0%

Instagram        4%

Google+          0%

Snapchat         0%

LinkedIn         0%

Pinterest          0%

Others             4%

N/A                 17%

**Which social media platform fosters the most customer/fan engagement? **

YouTube         9%

Facebook        57%

Twitter             0%

Instagram       4%

Google+          4%

Snapchat         0%

LinkedIn         0%

Pinterest         0%

Others             9%

N/A                 17%

**What has been the biggest benefit to social media for your company? **

Promotion/marketing              13%

Customer engagement            9%

Customer feedback                 4%

Other                                       4%

Combination of the above      39%

There hasn’t been a major benefit       30%

Speaking out

Generally speaking, has social media, or one specific platform, been an effective tool for your company? Why or why not? [selected responses]

“Our web site is the primary driver.  Very difficult to know what help, if any, social media is offering but our premise is that it is drawing in new, younger customers who no longer use conventional internet sites and research methods.”

“Yes and No. Not really in a traditional sense. Social media is not a big part of our business promotions but we do feel it’s necessary. We think down the road it will become more important for things like SEO as things all get tied together. Some customers prefer to contact us through social media, as well, so it’s worth investing the time to manage.”

“Yes, very effective. We’re reaching people where they are and giving them an opportunity to respond before coming to see us, often reserving used or sale items. Offering incentives for sharing our posts has produced a large increase in the number of people reached. We are also using Facebook ads to reach specific areas and potential new customers.”

“Absolutely!  Facebook allows direct targeting (via its filters) to the people we want to contact, and is very inexpensive to advertise on.”

“Frankly, we’re just not sure. Social media management takes significant resources and it’s unclear whether this has led to new customer attraction, existing customer retention, or sales.”

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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