Buffet Crampon Acquires Powell

[![Jérôme Perrod, President of Buffet Crampon](/content/images/2016/04/JPerrod_BuffetGroup-300x196.jpg)](/content/images/2016/04/JPerrod_BuffetGroup.jpg)Jérôme Perrod, President of Buffet Crampon
Jérôme Perrod, president of Buffet Crampon, has announced that Powell is now part of the Buffet Crampon family, which manufactures and distributes all wind instruments. Buffet Crampon says this is a continuation of its strategy of acquiring historical and significant wind instrument brands.

Powell reinforces the presence of Buffet Crampon in strategic markets such as the North America and Japan, according to Perrod. This acquisition also completes the industrial footprint of Buffet Crampon by adding a production facility using U.S. dollars as currency.

The commercial dealer network of Buffet Crampon is an important growth driver for Powell flutes, especially in Europe and North America. After clarinets, trumpets and saxophones, the acquisition of Powell, with flutes, adds a fourth major family of instruments in the wind sector to make Buffet Crampon the world’s number two wind instrument manufacturer and first in the professional wind instrument segment worldwide.

This acquisition also strengthens the goal of Buffet Crampon to reach €100M turnover. Along with this acquisition, Buffet Crampon strengthens its shareholding led by Foundations Capital, alongside Heritage and Creativity, and Cogepa Grünwald Equity, welcoming BNP Paribas Développement as a new partner.

Historical links with Powell date back to the 1930s, as both brands worked together in the manufacture of a saxophone.

Steven Wasser, CEO and owner of Powell since 1984, is also a clarinetist and plays Buffet Crampon clarinets. Wasser will continue to assist with advising Buffet Crampon in the development of new flute activity and development.

For more information, contact Buffet Crampon: 904-821-0234,

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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